Course Description

Level 1 (Beginner 1)
For students with no prior knowledge of Korean. Students will learn how to read and write Hangul (Korean system of writing) proficiently and basic rules of sentence structure and syntax.

Level 2, 2.5, 3 (Beginner 2)
For students with good command of basic conversational Korean, including greetings and self-introduction. Students will practice on pronunciation and phonetic rules to correctly pronounce words in the sentences and correct construction of complex and compound sentences.

Level 3.5, 4 (Intermediate)
For students who use relatively longer sentences and understand relatively complex context of conversations. Students will learn to correctly use grammar and vocabulary to effectively express personal ideas and communicate freely in daily life.

Level 4.5 (Advanced)
For students who conduct everyday conversations freely. Students learn enough vocabulary of everyday life and idiomatic expressions. In addition to daily conversation skills, students will be able to write and speak in length and specifically about personal opinions on familiar topics.

Children’s class
This class is targeted at the children up to 8th grade.