How to apply


– Payment and Application –
Registration for all classes is processed after applicant’s bank payment and Application has been received:

1. Bank payment
• Bank: DnB NOR Bank ASA
• Account number: 1602.40.59441
• Recipient: The Korean Language School in Norway
• Please specify “student’s name (if student is different from the sender)”  in your payment message (NO = betalingsinformasjon) section

2. Application
After having made your payment, please fill out application form on Apply page.

Course level descriptions are available on the web-site and choose ‘Not sure’ in case of the uncertainty of your level.
A confirmation of your registration and class assignment will be sent to you by email.

3. Refund
100% Refund until the second session of a semester
Non-refundable after the second session of a semester

4. Further Information
• To avoid registration delays, please ensure that all registration details are correct.
• Registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis. No registration will be processed without payment.