제목Registration for Spring semester 2017
작성자Korean school조회수34날짜2017/01/01

Registration period
January 13–17 , 2017: Priority registration for continuing students
January 17,–February 19, 2017: Open registration for new students and continuing students
(The first class begins at 28th of January, therefore please register as early as possible)

Registration and Payment
Registration for all classes is processed after applicant’s bank payment and email has been received:

1. Bank payment
Bank: DnB NOR Bank ASA
Account number: 1602 40 59 441
Recipient: The Korean Language School in Norway
Please specify “student’s name (if student is different from the sender)” and “your desired class(es)” in your payment message (NO = betalingsinformasjon) section:
(example) Ola Nordmann, Level 2 and Extra speech (K-culture) for Level 2

2. Email
After having made your payment, please send us an email with all registration details – your full name, student’s name (if student is different from the sender), the class(es) that you registered for, and the date payment was made.
• Email:
• Please write “Registration” in the subject-line.

Course level descriptions are available on the web-site and send us an mail in case of the uncertainty of your level.
A confirmation of your registration and class assignment will be sent to you by email before the first class begins.

100% Refund before the second week of the Spring semester 2017 (Until 19th of February).
Non-refundable after the 19th of February in the Spring semester 2017.

Further Information
To avoid registration delays, please ensure that all registration details are correct.
Registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis. No registration will be processed without payment.
Please be aware of that no application will be accepted after registration deadline.

Standard class: NOK 1300
Children’s class: NOK 1300
Extra speech class (k-culture): NOK 650
Reduced fee for second or subsequent family member(s): NOK 650
For example:
Two family members: 1300 + 650 =1950
Three family members (mom and two children): 1300 + 650 + 650 = 2600

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