제목2019 Korean Language Summer School
작성자Korean school조회수260날짜2019/05/04

2019 Korean Language Summer School

Period: 24. June ~ 28. June. 2019. from 10:00 – 13:00.
Address: Økernveien 211 B, 0584 Oslo
*(not where the Korean language school is “normally” located)

Program: intensive language class, culture class, cooking course
Beginner A (Level 0: None or limited knowledge about Korean)
Beginner B ( Level 1 ~ 2)
Intermediate ( Level 2.5 ~ 3)
*may change depending on the number of applicants

Deadline: 19. May
Fee: 1000 NOK (Books, class material, cooking ingredients are included)


How to apply:
1. Bank Payment
– Account number: 1602.40.59441
– Fee: 1000nok
– Recipient: The Korean Language School in Norway
*Please specify “student’s name (if the student is different from the sender)”
2. Application
After having made your payment, please fill out application form on
our web page.(
3. Confirmation
A confirmation of your registration and class assignment will be sent
to your email by 26. May.

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