제목<6-week Online Korean Summer School>
작성자Korean school조회수43날짜2020/04/27
<6-week Online Korean Summer School>
– Registration Period: 29.04.2020 – 10.05.2020
(Our regular Saturday class students have a priority.)
– Period: 23rd May to 27th Jun (Every Wednesday or Saturday)
– Time: Wednesday 7pm – 8:45pm or Saturday 10am – 11:45am
(The times you may choose are either Wednesday 7pm-8:45pm or Saturday 10am to 11:45am. Specific dates and times for the class are subject to change depending on the situation.)
Class will be limited: between 6 to 10 students.
Conversation Class A
We are offering level 1 to level 3 classes. In level 1 class, you will learn how to read and write Korean alphabet ‘Hanguel,’ as well as basic conversations, numbers, and basic grammar.
Conversation Class B
In level 2 class, you will learn basic conversations you can use while traveling or living in Korea, such as expressions Koreans use for purchasing goods in the store. You can learn grammar through Korean songs, as well as learn about Korean culture and food.
Conversation Class C
In level 3 class, you can practice Korean conversation through Korean drama, movies, and Youtube videos. To sign up for level 3 class, students are expected to feel comfortable writing and speaking basic Korean sentences. Students are also expected to know 150 or more words.
(This description is for our previous student’s level)
– Payment and Application
Registration for all classes is processed after the applicant’s bank payment and Application has been received:
1. Bank payment
• Bank: DNB NOR Bank ASA
• Account number: 1602.40.59441
• Recipient: The Korean Language School in Norway
• Please specify “student’s name (if the student is different from the sender)” in your payment message (NO = betalingsinformasjon) section
2. Application
After having made your payment, please fill out the application form on the Apply page(
A confirmation of your registration and class assignment will be sent to you by email.
3. Refund
• Registrants who have already paid the course fee but decide to resign 8 or more calendar days before the course’s start date will get their full course fee refunded.
• Registrants who have already paid the course fee and decide to resign 7 calendar days or less before the course’s start date will be charged the full course fee.
4. Further Information
• To avoid registration delays, please ensure that all registration details are correct.
• Registration is done on a first-come, first-served basis. No registration will be processed without payment.
5. Prices for Courses
• Standard classes: NOK 1.000,-
* Reduced fee for the second or subsequent family member(s): NOK 500,-
Should you have any questions, feel free to send us an email here,
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